About Burning Burg

Burning Burg is the oldest recurring burn event in Germany. It was formarly known as the German Burner Meeting and was established in 2008. This gathering at the picturesque castle Lutter is a family friendly event and suited for veterans and newbies alike. Last year about 70 attendants travelling in from 7 countries co-created this event. Besides workshops, fire and festivities, there is a Q&A session with first timer guidance for Burning Man and Nowhere.


Paaartey? No! Seriously.

The whole event is a community production. If you want something there, you need to bring it or make it happen. Everything at, before and after this event is done by the attendants: Organisation, funding, build up and clean up. Everyone is expected to throw serious time, work, effort and money into their part of the participation and everyone is expected to clean up after themselves. You heard of free booze and party at burning man? It is one part of the experience. The other part is doing something spectacular enough to give back to the community. If this sounds intriguing to you: consider attending.


What happened in 2016

This year we have gone at it for four days. Thursday 1 pm to Sunday 6pm - four days of work and joy.

Mass pillow fight, lots of workshops, crazyness and a little bit of party.



Registration for 2017 will be announced around March 2017.

Questions? Ask an Ingo.